Sunday, February 28, 2016

The Potential Dangers of Paleo Diet

Recently, a study focused on the Paleo diet began to explore claims about its effectiveness.

The result derived from test mice ended up being controversial because they pointed that the diet opened the way to type 2 diabetes and even obesity.

While this may be unsettling, if the results are proven through other subsequent studies, the same could also be an excellent opportunity to improve the Paleo diet further. Read the entire text about this study and its results at Inquisitr.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Video: What is the paleo diet? Paleo diet facts

In this compact and interesting video Jimmy Smith, a fitness profesional who works in the fields like MMA training, explains the basics of the Paleo diet. Press play on the video below and get Smith's thoughts on the popular "cavemen diet".

Friday, April 11, 2014

Sebastien Noel The Paleo Recipe Book Review

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The Paleolithic diet carries a simple idea at its core. Instead of focusing on our current industrially driven unhealthy foods, the Paleo diet turns back the clock to the times when our ancestors roamed free in the wilderness of the Paleolithic period. Here Sebastien Noel, the author of The Paleo Recipe Book found his inspiration. He put aside many things that our ancestors did not use at those times; things like dairy products, sugars, vegetable oils, food preservatives and grains. This review will examine what Sebastien Noel The Paleo Recipe Book has to offer.
Noel decided to further addresses the problem of modern quinine by presenting more than 370 unique recipes that will transform the foods of our ancestors into tasty, interesting dishes. These recipes are presented in 18 different categories which cover different foods. These can be served as major meals of the day, canned goods or be used as snacks between them. The book includes a very wide range, so you can read and learn about cooking with meat, making stews, soups and curries, using vegetables, preparing seafood and even making your own Paleo smoothies.
Recipes that you will find in the Sebastien Noel The Paleo Recipe Book include unique dishes like “Lemon & garlic scallops”, “Coconut red snapper & pineapple salsa”, “Duck al’orange” and many more creative and healthy ideas for meals, along with great photos and detailed cooking instructions. Later on, why not try the processes of fermentation and preservation of your own vegetables and fruit? The Paleo Recipe Book even includes a section on how to use lacto-fermentation and other techniques that can result in canned foods like sauerkraut, prickles or peach chutney.
At the same time Sebastien Noel explains why the Paleo diet is important for your well-being. He covers the basic principle of good fats vs. bad fats and how to properly use heat when you are cooking them. The Paleo Recipe Book also includes The Paleo Meal plan, an easy way to organize your first weeks in the world of the Paleolithic diet.
Sebastien Noel’s The Paleo Recipe Book Review has only one conclusion. This is a complete guide to the Paleo diet, and has everything you need to start eating delicious food that will greatly benefit your health and energy levels.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Welcome to The Joy of Paleo blog!

Hello and thanks for visiting! This is a where you can read, listen and watch material about the Paleo (Paleolithic) diet and why people all around the world are beginning to take an interest in this idea, looking for health, fitness and a more natural, energetic lifestyle.

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